Here you can find many tips that I think might come in handy in some situations.

Code Thinking by unDraw
With Video
5 Projects to Learn Coding in 2021
| 7 min read

You want to become better at coding, you've taken all the tutorials but you still feel lost. These 5 app ideas will help you improve both your skills AND your portfolio of projects to get that dream job.

You Got This by Prateek Katyal
With Video
5 Tips to Stay Motivated While Learning to Code
| 5 min read

One of the most important and difficult aspects of learning any new skill, like coding, is to be able to __stay motivated__ throughout the whole learning journey so today, we are introducing __5 tips__ that can help you keep that initial motivation.

Broom and Dust Pan by Daniel von Appen
5 Tips That Will Enable You to Write Cleaner Code
| 7 min read

You may have been coding for a while now, but would you consider your code to be clean? When you are coding, do you take cleanliness into account (not relating to your surrounding btw, that's for another time)? © 2021