Server-Side Rendering
With Video
Next.js Server-Side Rendering Practical Example
| 11 min read

On this issue, we will be talking about Next.js Server-Side Rendering, enabling high-performant websites by pre-rendering HTML instead of having it all done by client-side JavaScript.

NextJS Routing
With Video
A Comprehensive Guide to NextJS Routing
| 11 min read

Learn about how Next.js makes it incredibly easy to navigate between pages within our application using prefetching ensuring our app is fast and secure.

NextJS and Auth0 Authentication
A Comprehensive Guide to NextJS Authentication with Auth0
| 22 min read

Authentication plays a major role in all systems around the globe in securing an application of any sort. In this article, I will show you how you can use Auth0 to secure your NextJS web application (including social login).

Broom and Dust Pan by Daniel von Appen
5 Tips That Will Enable You to Write Cleaner Code
| 7 min read

You may have been coding for a while now, but would you consider your code to be clean? When you are coding, do you take cleanliness into account (not relating to your surrounding btw, that's for another time)?

The Indie Developer's Masterplan
The Indie Developer's Masterplan
| 6 min read

Our brain is great at coming up with ideas but terrible at storing them for easy access later. The biggest mistake that the brave indie developer can do is to be all over the place. © 2022